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Visit all of these sites daily to get small bits of free Bitcoin, LTC, Doge, BCH, Dash, TRX, PGL, PRE & more.

The goal of this website is to provide millions of people worldwide with a part time online job that can pay over $300 USD per month.

This website lists all of the different blockchain and bitcoin related websites that pay you small bits of money to perform online micro tasks. You can visit all of the sites listed here and claim up to $10 USD daily.

Many of these websites use Faucet Pay as the payment system so you can work and get paid instantly. Web Apps

We create the worlds most powerful earning websites that let you earn lifetime bitcoin commissions.

Earn $1 – $100+ USD daily by using our websites and referring active users to our systems. – Our main web app lists all the best ways to get free crypto, refer users to earn daily profit.

Earn Bitcoin – Massive list of bitcoin affiliate programs, share the website on social media & earn bitcoin.

Bitcoin Forums – Bitcoin forum that pays you bitcoin for every page view your topics get.


Coinpot Faucets

Collect your coins in the Coinpot wallet until you have enough to withdraw.

Earn 20-50 cents USD daily from these sites if you claim 10+ times daily from each faucet.


Moon Bit – Claim up to 50 BTC Satoshi, claim 2-3 times each day.

Moon Lite – Get up to 3000 LTC Satoshi from this litecoin faucet, claim 2-3 times daily.

Moon Doge – Claim up to 2 doge coin every 5 minutes paid into your coinpot wallet.

Moon Dash – Get small bits of dashcoin every 5 minutes, up to 3000 dash satoshi.

Moon Cash – Get free bitcoin cash every 5 minutes, up to 500 bch satoshi daily.

Bonus Bitcoin – Many different ways to get bonus bitcoin, complete offers and click links.

Bit Fun – Play games and do other fun things to earn free bitcoin into your coinpot account.


Social Media Sites

Write articles, tip articles, comment, reblog, post videos or images to earn cryptocurrency.

Earn $1 – $5 USD daily by being active across all of these social media sites.


Publish0x – Tip these articles to earn BAT, LRC, DAI, all listed on Binance exchange.

Bitcoin Forums – Post images, videos, articles or comment each day and earn bitcoin.

Presearch – Visit the search here and do a 3+ searches each day to earn PRE tokens.

LBRY – Visit library TV and watch 2 or 3 videos, earn LBRY tokens each day and other bonuses.

Webtalk – Visit webtalk, like a few posts, reblog content and earn a share of the weekly rewards.

Earn Bitcoin – Visit this site daily to earn 7 Satoshi each time, share these articles to earn more.

Bitcoin Fly – New blogging platform that pays you Ethereum for posting articles.

Minds – Visit the minds blogging platform and reblog this content – Earn Up To $1 USD Daily.

Read Cash – Visit this blogging platform, make good comments and earn tips paid in bitcoin cash.

Beer Money Forum – Post articles or comment to earn tokens, visit daily to earn more tokens.

Trybe – A blogging platform that pays you in tokens to post articles, new platform but looks great.


The Best Faucets

Claim from each of these faucets daily, get many different coins daily by claiming from the faucets.

Earn $1 – $2 USD daily by claiming from all sites and completing a few simple tasks on each site.


Free Bitcoin – Get 20 satoshi – 0.02 BTC every 60 minutes, claim many times every day.

Cointply – Awesome faucet with many ways to earn, faucet, games, surveys, click links.

Best Change – Earn 20 – 30 satoshi every hour + bonuses for claiming many times every day.

Earn Crypto – Claim free BAT tokens daily, complete offers to earn bigger amounts.

Earn Sats – Claim from the faucet, click on links and complete offers to get 1000+ satoshi per day.

Get Sats – Clean and easy to use faucet, get 20 sats once an hour, min withdraw 5000 sats.

Star Bits – Get 6 satoshi every 6 minutes, claim many times per day with your faucet pay wallet.

Prospectors – Login daily, mine some gold and earn PGL tokens, create a business to earn more.

Chain Warriors – This blockchain game lets you find rare and expensive crypto items you can sell.

Free Bitcoin – Another good bitcoin faucet, get 2-3000 satoshi, claim once an hour.

Zen Cash – This zen cash faucet pays good amounts, download the wallet and claim each day.

Faucet Crypto – Good faucet with many ways to earn free bitcoin, withdraw into faucetpay.



Paid To Click Sites

Perform simple tasks such as clicking on links, registering on websites, watching videos etc.

Earn $1 – $2 USD daily by visiting all of these websites and completing multiple tasks on each site.


Coin Payu – Very nice and easy to use pay to click ad site, visit websites and watch ads to earn.

Clicx Ads – Click on links each day or complete offers to get small bits of bitcoin each day.

AdBTC – Visit Ad BTC, click on links to earn up to 100 Satoshi for each click, do offers to earn more.

Ad Doge – Click on links, complete offers, follow people, watch videos, many ways to earn doge.


Faucet pay faucets

Collect coins in your Faucetpay wallet until you can cashout.

Earn $1 – $2 USD daily by claiming from all faucets and completing a few tasks or bonuses on each site.


More Money – Collect from the faucet & click links to earn 1000+ Satoshi per day.

Go Bits – Easy to use bitcoin faucet, claim 6-100 Satoshi every 6 minutes, claim many times each day.

Earn Sats – Claim from the faucet, click on links and complete offers to get 1000+ satoshi per day.

Fautsy – Get 7 – 100 Bitcoin Satoshi every 5 minutes, claim many times daily.

Fire Faucet – Claim bitcoin and many other coins daily, click on links to earn more.

eFaucet – Good multi coin faucet that pays instantly into faucet pay, claim every 60 minutes.

Doge Bits – Claim small bits of dogecoin every 3 mins, min 15 faucet claims to make withdrawal.


Instant Claim Faucets

Get paid instantly into your Faucet pay wallet from these sites.

Earn 50 Cents – $1 USD daily claiming from these sites multiple times each day.


Sky ETH – Easy to use faucet but has many pop ups, pays good amounts 200 – 300 Ethereum Satoshi.

Faucet Fire – Auto Ethereum faucet.. leave this page open and get 4 Eth satoshi every 60 seconds.

XFaucet – Five faucets, claim btc, ltc, eth, bch, dash – get paid instantly and repeat every 5 mins.

Auto Faucet – Auto claim or mine many coins including Ethereum and get paid into faucet pay.

Konstantinova – 7 Faucets, instantly claim btc, eth, bch, doge, ltc, dgb, dash, max 20 times a day each.

Auto Claim – Auto faucet, mining, links, pays in ETH, TRX and 20+ different cryptocurrencies.

Alt Hub – Easy to use multi coin faucet, claim Eth and many other coins, click links & earn more.

Random Satoshi – Good quality faucet with 14 coins available, auto faucet + paid links to click on.

Earn Doge – Nice and clean doge faucet, get 0.02 doge every 5 minutes.

Iron Faucet – Spammy looking faucet but easy enough to use, pays 0.07 doge every 5 minutes.

Doge Faucet – Get 0.2 doge every hour, easy to use and instant payments into faucetpay.

Coin Bonus – 7 faucets, claim every 5 mins – eth, dash, doge, btc, dgb, bch, ltc, max 20 times daily.

Bit Earn – Easy to use faucet, register and then get 5 satoshi every 30 minutes paid instantly.

Moz BTC – Get 5 Satoshi instantly into your faucet pay wallet every 5 minutes.

Keran Faucet – Multiple faucets to claim from here, withdraw 5 satoshi instantly.



Investing websites

Invest your faucet claims into these investment systems and earn more.

These wallets could be used to store some of your earnings and earn compound interest.


Binance – Earn profit lending coins to bitcoin traders, very safe, min investment only $5USD.

Stake Cube – Invest in coin masternodes – Earn profit from POS coin mining by storing coins here.

Bitvest – Earn profit from this gambling platform, min investment is only 10,000 doge.

Dmex – Decentralized trading platform that lets you trade with 100X your initial investment.



Marketing tools

Use these systems to boost your earnings – buy ads into your money making links.

You can buy ads into your blog posts, affiliate links, web pages, forums posts etc and earn profit.


Coinpayu – Very nice ad system with referral program, buy good quality traffic cheap on this site.

A-ads – Buy / sell ads here instantly with bitcoin, buy banner ads promoting your referral links.

Mellow Ads – Get ad credits faucet for webmasters, buy cheap banner ads and website visitors here.

Adfly – Buy cheap traffic here and earn bitcoin from creating short urls.

Coin Zilla – Buy ads on hundreds of popular crypto sites, millions of page views available.

Canva – Create awesome banners online easily, many free and paid banners to edit and use.


Useful tools

Useful cryptocurrency related tools, i use all of these tools myself to manage and store my crypto.


Brave Browser – Use brave when claiming to block spyware, ads, viruses, pop ups & earn crypto.

Exodus wallet – Awesome desktop and mobile wallet with support for 100+ coins.

Dmex Exchange – Fully anonymous and decentralized exchange with leveraged trading.

Bit Forex – Buy and sell crypto, fiat, gold, silver, oil, commodities and much more.



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