The ultimate list of bitcoin faucets and micro earning websites.


Top Sites

These are the highest paying and most popular crypto faucets.


Tron0x – Easy to use TRX earning website with faucet and no ads, uses faucet pay.

Fire Faucet – Auto faucet, offers, surveys, pay to click links, coin swap and more.

Cointiply – One of the top faucets, do offers, surveys, play games, many ways to earn.

Crypto Win – Do offers, faucet, view ads, earn interest, win coins and more.

CoinPayu – One of the biggest crypto faucets, view ads, write articles, click links.

Free Bitcoin – Free lottery tickets with every faucet claim, $5000 weekly prize.

Free Boost – Games, videos, links, ads, offers, surveys, daily bonuses and more.

Satoshi Win – Nice looking faucet, do surveys, lottery, and daily interest.

Free Cash – Many high paying offers to complete, open chests and win free crypto.

Vie Faucet – Popular faucet and earning site, paid links, offer walls, games and more.

Pipe Flare – Faucet that pays multiple coins, stake coins and huge 4 level referral system.

Ad BTC – Top pay to click site, earn crypto for clicking on links or viewing ads.

Auto Faucet – Automatically claim over 70 different cryptocurrencies.

Best Change – High paying faucet that lets you claim free bitcoin once daily.

Feyorra – Top crypto faucet and earning site, do tasks, click on links and more.

Faucet Crypto – Faucet, offer wallets, pay to click links and other ways to earn.

Fauctoshi – Faucet, lottery, links, offers, surveys and more ways to earn.

Auto Claim – Auto claim from the faucet, low min withdraw into faucet pay.

Auto Bitcoin – Automatically claim free coins, 25 different coins available.


Instant Claim Faucets

All of these faucets pay you instantly into your Faucet Pay wallet.


Konstantinova – Instant and easy to use TRX faucet, claim up to 10 times daily.

Faucet News – Nice and clean faucet with no pop ups, claim free bitcoin 8 times daily.

Claim Free Coins – Easy to use faucet that pays TRX every 5 minutes, instant pay.

Star Bits – Easy to use faucet that pays you a small amount of bitcoin instantly.

Go Bits – Just input your bitcoin address to get bitcoin instantly into faucet pay.

iBits – Another simple and instant claim bitcoin faucet to claim from.

Claim Bits – Just input your faucet pay wallet address to claim a small amount of btc.

Claim Free TRX – Get free bits of TRX easily and instantly into your faucet pay wallet.

Get Free Tron – Just input your faucet pay TRX wallet and claim instantly.

xFaucet – 3 Faucets, get free TRX, LTC and DOGE instantly, easy to use sites.

Bit Faucet – Easy to use TRX faucet that pays you instantly into faucet pay.

Fast Tron – Spammy but easy to use TRX faucet that pays good amounts.

Ethiomi – Claim small bits of tron every 5 minutes and get paid instantly.



More Faucets

All of these faucet and earning websites use Faucet Pay for payments.


Claim TRX – Many different ways to earn TRX and withdraw instantly to faucet pay.

Dutchy Corp – Auto faucet that let’s you get 70+ different coins plus other ways to earn.

Claim Bits – Free bitcoin Faucet with pay to click links and offer walls.

Faucet Alpha – Offer walls, short links and many ways to earn, uses faucet pay.

Earn Bit Moon – Claim free coins from the faucet, click on links and do offers to earn.

Bit Clix – Click on links and advertising, view sites and videos to earn crypto.

Coin Adster – Easy to use bitcoin faucet with pay to click links, offer walls and more.

Coin Lean – Claim tron, bitcoin, ethereum and many other different cryptocurrencies.

Hot Crypto – High paying faucet, play games, get free loot boxes, pays into faucet pay.

Coin Pot – Nice looking faucet with instant payments, mining, offers and more.

Ad Doge – Click on ads or links to earn, free faucet and high paying offers to earn.

We Love Crypto – Offer walls, pay to click links, crypto faucet and more ways to earn.

Free BTC – Nice and easy to use faucet but has a high minimum withdraw amount.

Silver Clix – Many different links and ads to click on to earn crypto.

Coin Payz – Faucet, links, mining, has multiple coins and pays via faucet pay.

Fautsy – Nice and clean faucet with no pop ups, many ways to earn.

Bit Paye – Claim many different coins quickly and easily into your faucet pay wallet.

Faucet Crypto – Lots of ads but many different ways to earn crypto, pays in many coins.

Claim Satoshi – Auto faucet, offers, links, pays via faucet pay in multiple coins.

Keran TRX – Nice and easy to use TRX faucet, pay to click site and micro earning.


Telegram Bots

These telegram bots let you earn crypto doing simple online tasks.


Task Manager – This bot pays TRX to do simple online tasks, many jobs available.

Clickbee – Join telegram channels, visit websites and view youtube videos to earn TRX.

Ad Clickers – This telegram bot pays you to click on different ads, or you can buy ads.

Clickbee Shiba – Earn Shib tokens clicking on links or joining telegram channels.

Clickbee Doge – A useful telegram bot that pays you doge coin for joining groups.

Clickbee Bitcoin – Telegram bot that pays you bitcoin for visiting groups and channels.

Clickbee Litecoin – Earn litecoin joining channels, viewing youtube videos or websites.

Channel Bee – Earn money by displaying ads in your telegram channels.


More Earning Systems

More easy ways to earn free cryptocurrency online.


Womplay – Play awesome mobile phone games and earn EOS cryptocurrency.

Ad 2 Bitcoin – Install this banner software and earn bitcoin while surfing the web.

Sprout Gigs – Earn money doing simple little online jobs, thousands of jobs to do.

Stake Cube – Many low cap coins you can stake, daily payments & auto compound.

Bet Fury – Top bitcoin gambling site that gives you free bitcoin, BNB and BFG tokens.

Trust Dice – Gambling site with faucet that gives you free crypto to gamble with.

Publish0x – Earn crypto reading and writing articles, learn about crypto and earn.

Pre Search – earn crypto using this search engine as your homepage.

Star Bets – Gamble to mine star tokens, get daily btc, trx and bnb payouts.

Ad Fly – Create short links and share them on social media to earn bitcoin.


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